How to maintain glowing skin in winter: Neutriderm Lotion Review

May 29, 2019

Winter skincare routine with Neutriderm

Do you struggle to keep your skincare routine in check during the colder months? I certainly become particularly lazy and ignore the rest of my body when it comes to skin care.

Well, truth is, the way our skin looks in summer has a lot to do with how we look after it in winter. In fact, skincare is a lifetime commitment and the more consistent you are with moisturising, exfoliating and hydrating the better your skin will look year-round.

No matter whether your skin type is dry, oily or sensitive, you shouldn’t skip the moisturizing step in your skin care routine. Leaving it out can quickly cause redness or flaking, and in time it can worsen wrinkles and speed up the signs of ageing. Also, if you have sensitive skin, moisturizing daily can help ease some of the irritation.


The biggest misconception about body lotions is that they all moisturise the skin. In fact, many do the opposite by including parabens and other chemicals that actually dry out and damage skin. Here are some you should avoid when picking a lotion:

Parabens (methyl-, isobutyl-, proply- and others) are preservatives added to body lotions to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould. These chemicals can also disrupt your hormonal balance and disrupt cellular communication. BHA and BHT are often added to extend product shelf life but they can damage the body’s cell receptors.

Instead, look for hypoallergenic products. When a product is labelled hypoallergenic, it means that it is significantly less likely to cause allergic reactions. To determine if a product is hypoallergenic the company usually performs a test on subjects and observes how their skin reacts. It’s also relevant to products which are co-designed with dermatologists and patients. Which is why I want to talk about Neutriderm!


Over the last three months I committed to a daily moisturising routine with UAS Pharmaceuticals Neutriderm Brightening Body Lotion. Combined with a healthy diet and plenty of water, I noticed smoother and brighter skin! This pH balanced body lotion provides moisture and hydration,  leaving your skin immediately smooth to touch. I received so many compliments over my smooth skin over the last few weeks. I can tell it has definitely worked it’s magic!

Another great advantage of the Neutriderm Brightening Body Lotion is how it tackles pigmentation! With many freckles and marks accumulated over the years, the lotion lightens skin pigmentations such as acne scars, freckles and fine lines. With the cold weather in full swing my pigmentation has definitely faded, however after only a few months use, it is difficult to tell whether it’s due to my winter hibernation or the lotion. Best of all, the lotion is extremely gentle – no need to worry about hidden toxins and chemicals. It’s even gentle enough to use on the most sensitive parts of your body.

Winter skincare routine x


So, the lotion is gentle. But what are the ingredients in the Neutriderm Brightening Body Lotion?

  • Retinol: Also known as vitamin A, Retinol stimulates the production of fibroblasts which are responsible for the renewal of healthy skin cells.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin might sound like a scary ingredient, but it’s a product naturally derived from plant and animal fats. As a skincare ingredient, it keeps skin moist and supple.
  • Tocopherol: Tocopherol, or vitamin E, is a naturally occurring antioxidant.
  • Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane: Try saying that one five times!  This is a derivative of turmeric used for fighting age spot and pigmentation.
  • Benzoic acid: Benzoic acid is a found naturally in many foods, including cranberries, plums and prunes. The ingredient fights fungi, reduces skin inflammation, prevents infection and extends product shelf life.
  • Trehalose: Trehalose is a sugar found in plants and used in products as a flavouring agent and moisturizer. It hydrates and provides antioxidants to the skin.

Since establishment in 2000, UAS Pharmaceuticals has strived to make products that make the skin happy. The products are made with purpose in mind, working with patients and dermatologist. The range is proud to have non-toxic ingredients with safe formulations that will cause no side effects. UAS is an Australian brand, now sold around the world.

If you are seeking to switch your creams and use less toxic chemicals I highly recommend the UAS Neutriderm Brightening Body Lotion. I wholeheartedly love the results and constantly surprised by the compliments from family and friends. Year-round healthy, glowing skin is achieved through routine, a healthy diet and skin loving ingredients. Having a moisturiser that heals, nourishes and hydrates your skin is a fantastic way to ensure you’re on track. Make sure you use it at least once a day and stay consistent through the seasons.

You can find UAS Neutriderm products online and at selected dermatologist clinics.

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