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Personalised jewellery is the hottest trend to try in 2021

My Jewellery Story

So here we are, finally over the hump of 2020 and looking ahead at a bright and happy 2021. This year is all about making the year yours, after all, things were totally out of our control last year! Just like you’re planning to put your mark on 2021, put your name on one of a kind jewellery and express your personal style. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, check out this unique and affordable gift idea for a...

Style Inspiration: Work Christmas Party

Hard to believe but it’s already that time of year! The office workload begins to slow down (or speed up!) and there’s one thing on everyone’s lips: the work Christmas Party. This is the perfect time to unwind, let go of the stresses over the past year and celebrate a great 2014 with a glass of champagne! Whether you work in an office, a construction site or in a retail store the general expectation is to behave responsibly, don’t get...