Easy steps to improve your hair!

April 4, 2017

Sometimes you gotta go back to basics. After all, you can’t build anything great without a good foundation, right? This goes the same with your hair care. Here are the basic steps I follow to achieve healthy, shiny locks!

Shampoo sparingly

How often do you wash your hair? Every day? Every other day? Well, my advice is to wash as little as possible, twice a week max. Washing your hair too often can cause it to dry out and create split ends. Even Kim K gave us that advice when she wrote on her blog last year, ‘I usually wash my hair maybe every 3-5 days and on the third or fourth day I’ll do a slicked-back ponytail. I get my hair super straight first with our ceramic iron,’ said Kim. For a naturally derived keratin proteins, paraben free shampoo try Rescue Shampoo by bhave.


Amount & application

Many people overindulge when they shampoo their hair. But, did you know that you should really only use a five-cent-piece sized dollop? What matters most is how you apply the product. Instead of applying it directly to the top of your head, put it on the palm of your hands and rub them together. Next, pat it all over your head and work it into your scalp. Ensure it is evenly spread across your entire head, massage and…

Rinse baby, rinse! 

Did you know that if you don’t rinse out your shampoo properly it could cause flaking and scalp sensitivity? Often mistaken for dandruff, shampoo build up is a real issue for many people. To avoid this, make sure you spread the applied shampoo all over your head and not just on your scalp. Failure to rinse properly can also leave hair looking dull and weighed down. If you have super long hair and struggle with this, it’s better to rinse and repeat than using more product. Wash it twice and rinse well!

Condition effectively with LESS product

Many people think more conditioner = better hair. According to experts, this is not true! The trick with conditioner is to comb it through the hair to disperse it right through the ends. If you have very curly hair, apply it near the roots but everyone else should apply it from the ears down. Rather than massaging the conditioner in, use a wide tooth comb. If your hair needs rehabilitation, try the award winning Rescue Conditioner by bhave for shiny, luscious hair.

Put the oil back in! 

After you wash your hair, the bad and the good oils disappear down the drain. It’s time to put the good stuff back in! Similarly with conditioner, masks, oils and leave-in treatments are more effective when done more regularly rather than with more product. Importantly, always follow the instructions on the back of the product. To strengthen your hair try Riot Control Oil by bhave. This lightweight oil contains high doses of essential fatty acids and certified organic Argan oil and transforms dry hair to smooth, shiny, luscious locks.


Be systematic about your shower

Have you reviewed your shower routine? To get the most out of the few minutes you are in there, make sure you shampoo and condition your hair first and pop on a shower cap. Then begin washing the rest of your body and shave your legs.  The shower cap will prevent the mask or conditioner from washing out while you’re washing your body. By the time you’re done with your routine, it will be the perfect time to rinse your hairQ

Refresh and pump it up

Waiting 3-5 days between washes can be hard until your Ph levels are balanced in your scalp. So in this time, don’t be afraid of styling products. Dry shampoos and mousses are great for keeping you look refreshed and healthy. When my hair won’t listen, one of my favourite tricks is to turn up the volume with bhave Gunpower Dust! This cute yet powerful product gives me instant volume from the roots, eliminates excess oil and gives me chic texture for that ‘just got out of bed’ look. Remember, less is more with any hair product so experiment and find a technique that works for you!


Good luck!