Interview with Miss Winks boutique

September 13, 2017

How do you feel when you think about lingerie? Do you feel sexy, excited or self-conscious and mortified? What if I was to tell you lingerie is made to make us ALL feel sexy, no matter the size or shape?

To get the best tips on finding pieces to suit each body type I chatted to Annie, fashion stylist and owner of Miss Winks – a Canberra based boutique specialising in Australian brands of lingerie. These brands include Kat the label, Damselfly, Etheria Intimates, Lil & Emm and more..

While it is now based on-line, Miss Winks continues to offer it’s individualised customer service to ensure each customer is satisfied and feels completely confident in their purchase.

See Miss Winks showcase their line at Fashfest at 7pm, Saturday 30 September.

Question time with Miss Winks

What tips to you give your customers to feel sexy and confident?

I had a fashion and personal styling business for years and still freelance in this area and so through working with so many women of different shapes and sizes I have discovered that confidence comes from within. I am always on-hand to guide my customers on flattering styles and shapes but when they find something they feel confident and sexy in, they just know. If the fit is right, support is where it needs to be and the lace and feel is luxurious, then that’s a winner. There is nothing better than seeing my lovely customers having that moment when they can’t stop looking at themselves in the mirror, or take a selfie and share it on Instagram, or whatever clue there is that they feel amazing. That the lingerie is not for anyone else but for them, because they feel beautiful in it. That’s the best part. The Miss Winks blog also offers tips and tricks in a fun and not-so-serious way. It’s all about fun, in the end!

What’s your favourite item of lingerie?

Oh Gosh, that is like choosing a favourite child! My Maverick Bralette by Kat the Label is (and I am not exaggerating) the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. It is also super pretty! I have it in black and white, because, why not have both!

What are you most excited for at Fashfest?

On a personal level, seeing Miss Winks hit the catwalk as that is a first for us! There are so many incredible designers showing that it would take half the page to list who I’m excited to see. One in particular I am looking forward to is the Salvos Showcase, curated by stylist Faye De Lanty. I used to own a vintage clothing boutique and still gravitate to amazing thrifted pieces. My store was a mix of vintage and new designers- which to me is the perfect mix.

What model would you love to be the face of your boutique?

I have always loved the boss, Kate Moss. She is so fierce but can be really feminine, which encapsulates the spirit of the Miss Winks girl. She wouldn’t take any bullshit, she’s a bit of a bad ass but then you see her looking poised, serene and incredibly beautiful in a Dior gown.

On a local level, I also adore Rachael Finch. She is such a natural beauty, an incredibly versatile model and is also a mum and a kick-ass business woman (I’m actually doing her BOD by Rachael Finch program at the moment- amazing!)

I feel that all of my beautiful customers are the faces of Miss Winks though. The real, the raw, all unique and perfect at the same time.

Catch Miss Winks on Saturday 30 September at Fashfest.