The must-have Sigma brushes

November 1, 2018

Sigma beauty makeup brushes review

Sigma brushes, hands down, are some of the best makeup brushes in the market. They have such a huge fan base as they have long been a cult favourite. The brand started out in 2009 and with fans like Jaclyn Hill and Nikkie Tutorials they quickly became the go-to, high-end, quality brushes. Since their launch many things have changed, we’ve seen a huge rise of high-end makeup brush brands and Sigma have expanded into makeup. One thing has remained the same – Sigma is still an industry favourite.

So you may ask, ‘What are the must-have Sigma brushes?’. With countless brushes to choose from on their website I have narrowed it down to my top favourites. These are the must-haves every makeup lover should have. They are sold individually but to keeps things simple, Sigma also sells their brushes in kits. Read on for my top favourites from Sigma!

E25 blending brush

No YouTube makeup tutorial is short of this cult favourite. The E25 blending brush has got to be the most versatile and most-used eye brush. Use it to apply transition colours on the crease and to blend darker shades in the outer corner of the eyes. It’s the perfect morning rush brush. It’s easy to use, great for blending and provides a seamless application.

3DHD Max Kabuki

Part of the new Sigma Dimensional Brushes Volume 1, the Sigma ‘3DHD’ line has been especially developed to achieve the ultimate, high definition skin finish. This foundation brush is designed to reach into every contour of the face but allowing for a flawless coverage. It makes foundation super easy to apply and makes a little product go a long way. If you want seamless, smooth and flawless foundation make sure you try the 3DHD Max Kabuki by Sigma.

F87 Edge Kabuki

Another brush part of the Sigma Dimensional Brushes Volume 1 set. A game changer when it comes to flawless, buildable coverage. The brush caters to modern makeup application methods and you can buff your way to flawless skin. The F87 Kabuki brush is perfect for blending out concealer due to it’s shape, especially around the brows, nose and under-eye. It’s great for setting your bake and sharpening your contour. It distributes foundation seamlessly, effortlessly and precisely without compromising coverage.

Sigma E65

The Sigma E65 angled brush from sigma is mainly used for filling in the eyebrows. However, it can also be used to blend in the eye shadow and eyeliner in the lash lines. The bristles are sturdy and have the perfect thickness to fill in the brows with quick and small strokes. Also, try it for your winged eyeliner!

SigMagic Scrub

Sigma Beauty SigMagic Scrub is a solid makeup brush cleanser that changed my life! It’s revolutionary design lets you simply stick it on the basin and start cleaning your brushes. This tool has become a staple for my brush maintenance and I’m not sure how I’ve lived without it for so long. All you have to do is wet your brushes and rub them across the surface of the solid cleanser. It has built-in tiny ridges that gently buff the bristles to clean off any makeup like foundation, eyeshadow or concealer.

So here you are, my top favourite Sigma brushes and products! The best part about the Sigma brushes is that they all come with a free, 2-year warranty, and are completely cruelty free. To give my followers an extra incentive, I have organised a 10% off discount code! Use code CHICONTHERUN at the checkout. What brushes are you thinking about picking up?

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Happy shopping!

Natalia x