5 tips for looking chic on a budget

February 27, 2019

5 tips for styling on a budget

Would you believe me if I said style has nothing to do with fashion? That style is a representation of yourself and has little to do with ‘in season’ trends? Clothes and handbags become so last season before they even hit the shelves. So, why bother? Instead, aim for a permanently stylish look that suits your body shape and makes you feel good. That way, you will become effortlessly stylish. Read on to hear my top 5 tips for looking chic on a budget!


Purchase lots of basic items such as t-shirts, camisoles and jeans. Then, layer them with accessories and statement pieces. It’s so much to easier to style your outfit if you start from basics. For example, layer a pencil skirt with a camisole and a statement blazer. Add you own personality by introducing jewellery. I love to switch up between, rose gold, gold and silver pieces but it can get expensive! Australian online jewellery retailers like Shiels provide a huge range of affordable and stylish pieces. Mix and match your jewellery to make your ‘basic’ outfits different and stylish every time.  Layer different types of jewellery like this Ellis & Co Stainless Steel Womens Watch with a Shiels gold plated cubic zirconia bracelet to give your outfit extra flare. I’m also wearing the gorgeous Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia 25mm Hoop Earrings.


Shoes can be the vocal point of an outfit. It can create a ‘wow’ factor or pull your whole look together. They can express your personality, showcase your style and flaunt your attitude. Whether you’re relaxed in some kicks, sexy in stilettos or on holidays in summer sandals – shoes pull your look together.

Begin your shoe collection with some neutral colours which can be worn with several outfits. Think a classy black heel for work or a nude, leg lengthening shoe for a night out. You can even make the right pair of flats look stylish. Just combine some skinny jeans with rolled up bottoms, a half-tucked in white t-shirt, stylish statement watch, a blazer and a pair of cute red flats and you’re ready to go.


Want style with ease? Get something white or cream. White represents many things in the colour wheel like peace, cleanliness and calm. However, white can also symbolise class and riches. Visit your favourite department store like Kmart or Target and pick up some affordable basics. A t-shirt, blazer, blouse or jeans – whatever works for your body type. Pair it together with another staple colour or fabric like black or denim and style it together with beautiful jewellery. I’m loving the combination of rose gold and white. You can even pick up some gorgeous pendants, earrings and a watch for under $100 at Shiels! A perfect way to kick start your wardrobe.


Have you ever noticed how your confidence seems to soar after a manicure? I don’t know about you but I always feel as if my outfit is complete and polished. I try to avoid the pricey costs of regularly visiting to a salon and instead use a home kit. Opallac has been my favourite gel nail polish brand for many years now and it’s a great way to stay within your budget while having a fresh manicure every couple of weeks. Read the full review here! Using fresh and natural shades like light pink, red and beige can instantly glam-up your outfit. Additionally, a fresh manicure allows your accessories to look more chic. Nothing beats a gorgeous watch and bangle ensemble together with a crisp manicure.

5 tips for styling on a budget


Whether you’re rocking stilettos or joggers, trackies or a pencil skirt the key to looking chic is confidence. The clothes you wear should always be comfortable, well-fitted and represent who you are. There is nothing worse than trying to be someone you’re not or wearing uncomfortable clothes. Be you, keep your head high, smile and you will beam confidence and style no matter where you go.

Thank you to Shiels for sponsoring this post. Founded in 1945, Shiels is an Australian jeweller with stores in – SA, QLD and WA. But, you can also find their amazing, affordable range online

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