Bedroom decor: How to create the perfect side table

April 26, 2018

bedroom side table decor

Do you want to perfect your bedroom decor? Did you know that it all starts from the minor details like the bedside table? I was inspired by the beautiful collection from Aussie online store Koch & Co to put a few pieces together and make my bedroom an oasis.  Here are my best tips to create a beautiful arrangement!

Light up your night

A unique lamp is a great way to add a bit of flair to your bedside table. If your table is a modern and edgy style, balance it with a soft and shapely lamp. To add something a little different, experiment with lava lamps, salt lamps and moon lamps. For a small bedside table, look for a sleek style that won’t take up a lot of room.

Koch & Co Ceramic Gloss Marble Cylinder Vase - $12.95

Koch & Co Ceramic Gloss Marble Cylinder Vase – $12.95
Koch & Co Wooden Tray Round – $12.95

Precious jewels

Placing a cute little dish on your bedside table is not only handy for keeping your favourite jewellery close at hand, but it also creates a pretty display of your sparkly accessories. Pick a little dish that compliments the colourings of your room or amplifies the bling.

Level up

Create a balanced and interesting display using objects such as books, perfume bottles and floral arrangements in varying heights and sizes. Groupings of three work best and stacked books are perfect for adding height. Stacking various objects together creates level and dimension which makes for a more eye-catching display.

Koch & Co Two Tone Cylinder Vase White & Beige – $8.45
Koch & Co Two Tone Cylinder Pot White & Beige – $5.45
Koch & Co artificial flowers – from $1.95

Layer it on

Similarly to stacking items on top of each other, don’t be afraid to overlap them. Put a smaller plant in front of a painting to provide some extra character. Otherwise, place a large candle in front of a tall & slick lamp.

Colour code

Pick a base colour and stick to it, to create consistency and cohesion. Keep your bedroom furniture in mind when picking the base colour. If your furniture is natural & earthy toned – stick to something similar and add pops of colour like yellow or green. If you’re furniture is mostly white, add pops of colour throughout the room like fresh flowers!

koch and co flower arrangement

Good scents

Feel like you have the room down packed? Add a luxurious touch with a lightly scented candle or essential oils. Essential oils can be used to enhance well being and manage emotions, including to calm, de-stress, or uplift. Diffuse your essential oils into the air with a diffuser, apply essential oils to your temples, wrists, back of the neck, or a couple of drops on the palm and rubbing the palms together and inhaling deeply from the palms. Here are some great oils to try:

Lavender essential oil – ease stress or anxious feelings, and for a good nights’ sleep.
Citrus essential oils – uplift your mood and energy levels.
Peppermint essential oil – soothe nausea and headaches, clear breathing, energising and makes you more alert.

If you would like to know more information about essential oils and general well being check out My gorgeous friend Eve shares her favourite things: personal development, minimalism, yoga, health and wellness, food, tea and travel!

Personal touch

Include an item to your arrangement that has special meaning to you. It can be an artwork you like, a framed photograph or a travel momento to give your nightstand some character.

Thank you to Koch & Co for providing the gorgeous décor to make this post happen. Koch & Co is an Australian family owned business. Established in 1931, Koch has been a manufacturer & florist supplier for over 80 years. Now, their online store is an interior designer’s paradise. The site stocks a stylish range of artificial flowers, vases, glassware, gifts and event decoration at REALLY affordable prices.

I fell in love with features in their Mother’s Day Catalogue and was inspired by their coffee table décor and artificial flower arrangements. I think these are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day but if you want to see more ideas, see my Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

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xx Natalia