Trend alert: Scandinavian chic

July 21, 2016

To me, style is all about looking chic without trying too hard. I believe that no one does fashion better than the Scandinavians.

Clean cut ensembles, luxe wools and a basic colour palette equals a cosy winter wardrobe. Effortless white blouses, plenty of nudes and striped dresses create chic summer fashions. The Scandinavians get it right, no matter the season.

Over many years, the unique designs of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden created the distinctive look we now call Nordic style. While many decades ago this style was unique to the northern European regions, many popular brands have now broken out with their own renditions of this look. My favourite Australian brand that perfectly translates this Scandinavian style is Putiik. Putiik’s carefully selected items aim to empower and inspire women and feature flawless, simple and elegant clothes.

To perfect the Scandinavian style, basic pieces are essential. Secondly, stock up on tailored pants and blazers and plenty of thick scarves. Keep the colour palette to neutrals and be comfortable! Scandinavian style is all about looking laid-back and cool.

Here are five tips to dress the part:

Stock up on plenty of black

Key to a practical Scandinavian wardrobe is to not be afraid of rocking all black! After all, it’s simple, elegant and timeless. It matches just about everything and is so flattering on a range of skin tones and hair colours. If you want a little extra edge, leather is a must. Leather shorts, skirts and jackets, nothing is off-limit. Remember to keep it oversized for that laid-back aesthetic.

All black Nordic/Scandinavian look

When it doubt, go monochrome

Fall in love with stripes and discover the power of Ying and Yang. Black and white can look extremely powerful together, creating a striking contrast that is hard to miss. Play around with different shapes, cuts and layers to create something chic and unique.

Scandinavian/Nordic monochrome style

Invest in a comfortable boot

While wondering the streets of Oslo, you will almost certainly need a comfortable ankle boot that also keeps you looking stylish. The trick here is to find one that combines casual with edge and a hint of rock and roll.

Nordic fashion - flat boots


Jeans for every season

Scandinavians love their denim. It’s casual, it’s edgy and it’s certainly made for their cooler weather. Must have styles: skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and cool summer shorts. Oh, and make sure they are ripped to perfection!

Scandinavian/Nordic jeans style

Big coats and trenches

A great coat can be many things. It can be thrown over just about any outfit, keep you warm and help you work those layers! Stock up on nude and beige coats to brighten up your winter wardrobe and shelter you away from the chilly Nordic winds!

Nordic/Scandinavian fashion - coats